Innovative Investigation

We emphasise the importance of investigating innovative ideas and analysis. We aim to promote innovative visions, products and developing orientation. 

Investment Management

We are capable of assisting our clients, including corporations, mutual funds with missions, retirement funds, foundations and individuals, in aggrandising their properties through investment management.

Multi-financial Product

Based on the business scale and framework of each client, we help them to program the fittest business. Meanwhile, we assist them with customised plans and strategies for enlarging their capital and business. The business models we programmed include but limited to the integration capital market and financial instruments. We assist our clients operating transactions in all main financial market, including stocks, bonds, currencies and products. As such, the operations implement the capital flow, create job opportunities and economic improvement.

Professional Consultation
We are capable of providing professional suggestions for our clients to assist them with the following services: strengthening the capital, expanding their business globally and risk management. As such, our clients will be prepared financially for inputting to upfront market, which then will improve, upgrade and expand their business. Eventually, they will be able to develop sustainably. Our professional consultation will assist our clients in growing their wealth, expanding their global view and walking towards the carefree life. 

We aim to become the best partner for our clients in capital strengthening management. Our target clients include foundations, sponsors, board of directors, funding council, private-equity companies, family trust fund and individual investors.


Wide-range Service

All the details in the customised schemes we made for our clients require the cooperation and service from the world‘s top law firms, accounting firm, broker and investment back. As such, we have already made an integrated network and packed service for our clients. Our clients could enjoy our wide-range service and assistance during the whole capital growth programming process.
We provide various capital market consultation and operation service on the following projects: the initial public offering, the capital structural supervision of equity-related products, leveraged buyout, refinancing, recombination, divestiture, risk management, financial reconstruction and reverse takeover.

Outstanding Consultation

We are capable of providing the most professional consultation and the most advantaged action plans for our clients to reinforce their strengths, regardless of the difficulties in the transactions. 

We are fairly focusing on capital strengthening and integration.

As such, we could assist our clients in achieving their goals as well as fulfilling the demands of financial strategies and financing in various areas. We could assist our clients to go public and fundraising in numerous international economic centre, such as NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE, TSE, HKEX, SGX. We have world’s top business model which can support corporations in aggrandising their business value. 



Social Return

We devote ourselves to serving non-profit organisations clients, including the higher education institutions, non-profit foundations and various charities. We devote ourselves to serving non-profit organisations clients, including the higher education institutions, non-profit foundations and various charities.

Whether upgrading the school facilities or maintaining the bridges, roads and water supply system require financial capital to fulfil the urgent needs. As such, we are capable of supporting our non-profit organisation clients to aggrandise their wealth sustainably. Therefore, they will be capable of reinforcing the basic construction and establishing projects that can promote growth. 




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